Alpha Ventus Offshore Wind Farm Exceeds Projected Yield

The offshore wind farm alpha ventus located 45 kilometres north of island of Borkum in the North Sea exceeded the projected wind yield in 2011 by roughly 15%, the alpha ventus consortium DOTI informed.

In total the twelve wind power turbines of Germany’s first offshore wind farm fed over 267 gigawatt hours of electricity into the German power grid, DOTI said.

“The exceptionally high power yields achieved by alpha ventus in 2011 are due primarily to the nearly constant and excellent wind conditions at the wind farm and a high turbine availability of up to 97 percent”, DOTI’s Managing Director and General Project Manager Dr. Claus Burkhardt of EWE explained. The alpha ventus offshore test field proved that offshore wind farms could be economically and commercially viable in Germany in the long term despite challenging conditions, such as long distances from coastlines and great water depths, he pointed out. He called on the government to quickly eliminate obstacles that were currently impeding industry growth and development, naming in particular the uncertain and slow grid connection for planned offshore wind farms in the German North Sea and Baltic Sea.

This topic has regularly featured on this blog. Lately a Working Group for the Acceleration of the Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Farms convened for the first time.

Information on offshore wind power projects approved by the Federal Agency for Maritime Shipping and Hydrography (BSH) can be obtained here.

Source: alpha ventus

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