BNetzA Starts Registration of Wholesale Gas and Electricity Market Participants Pursuant to EU REMIT Regulation

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has opened the registration portal for registration of market participants pursuant to Article 9 of the EU REMIT Regulation.

The objective of Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) is to increase confidence in the integrity of the electricity and gas wholesale markets and create greater transparency by prohibiting insider trading and market manipulation. To this end the regulation contains registration and reporting obligations for market participants.

According to Article 9 (1.) REMIT “Market participants (for a definition see Article 2 (7)) entering into transactions which are required to be reported to the Agency (the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulator (ACER)) in accordance with Article 8(1) shall register with the national regulatory authority in the Member State in which they are established or resident or, if they are not established or resident in the Union, in a Member State in which they are active.”

Registration has to be completed until the start of the reporting obligation, i.e. 7 October 2015 for market participants entering into contracts at organised trading places, respectively 7 April 2016 for market participants that only conclude transactions outside organised trading places.

The information that have to be provided upon registration have been specified by ACER based on Article 9 para. 3 REMIT in a decision issued on 26 June 2012 (ACER Decision no.1/2012).

Registration with BNetzA takes place online via the ACER registration portal CEREMP („Centralized European Register for Energy Market Participants“). It is subject to a charge by BNetzA pursuant to Section 91 para. 1 no. 9 Energiewirtschaftsgesetz (EnWG).

BNetzA provides guidance with a fact sheet and a manual that describes the CEREMP registration in German.

Source: Federal Network Agency, press release, REMIT information,  registration portal

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