BWE: Better Coordination Between Military Flight Operations and Wind Turbines

Following the evaluation of a pilot project by BWE members and the German Armed Forces at two military airports in the states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein, the Federal Ministry of Defence agreed to the use of control technology for wind power plants, the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) announced. By using the control technology military flight operations and wind power turbines can be better coordinated.

The control technology allows to manage wind turbines in a way that complies with military needs and air traffic control.

Hermann Albers, President of BWE, pointed out the positive effects for wind power growth, saying the decision by the Armed Forces created the potential to further the ManyElectronics transition with more powerful turbines. “I also see a clear signal by the decision of the Armed Forces for civil air traffic control. It has to be examined without delay whether the knowledge gained at Rostock/Laage and Hohn/Alt-Duvenstedt can be applied to civil aviation, in particular since the Rostock/Laage airport is also used by civil aircraft”, Mr Albers said.

In the past the German Air Traffic Control Service (DFS) and the German Armed Forces had often filed objections against the construction of wind power plants. According to BWE data from August 2013, 3,500 MW of potential wind energy projects where held up by air traffic control and radar related concerns.

Source: BWE

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