BDEW Strongly Criticises Draft Ordinance for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Lack of Incentives and Unnecessary Bureaucracy

The Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW) has strongly criticised a draft ordinance regulating charging stations for electric vehicles prepared by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), which has not been officially published. BDEW mainly criticises a lack of incentives and unnecessary bureaucracy.

1. Lack of Incentives

Many companies were asking themselves whether an investment in unprofitable public charging infrastructure was worthwhile. Hence, they had been waiting for a clear signal by the government if and how financing of public infrastructure could be organised, BDEW said, pointing out that the National Electromobility Initiative (NPE) had proposed joint financing by public authorities and the private sector.

Besides, the draft did not address the need to create access and payment systems that are linked with one another, BDEW criticised. It was, however, important for drivers to have easy access to public charging stations, BDEW said, adding that the association had presented a proposal.

2. Unnecessary Bureaucracy

The ordinance also created new bureaucratic hurdles by introducing an obligation to register charging stations (with the regulatory authority), BDEW further criticises (cf. Section 4, which mandates notification of the installation and de-installation and proof of compliance with technical standards).

BDEW demanded to organise registration in an cost-efficient and easy way, proposing a system organised by the industry. In this regard, the association pointed out that it was acting (for a three year period) as the issuing office for identification numbers for electric cars that allow drivers easy access to (preferably) all charging stations accessible to the public.

Source: BDEW; ministerial draft dated 9 January 2015, published by Bundesverband Solare Mobilität

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  • It is so important nowadays, to support electric vehicles and development of residential charging station, to improve grid stability. That would be a bad approach and really wrong step, to make another hurdles.

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