BDEW: Expansion of Renewables Requires New Electricity Grids

The installed capacity of renewable energy installations in Germany rose from 8.271 MW in 1998 to 38.140 MW at the end of 2008. A further expansion requires new electricity grids, said Roger Kohlmann, a member of the executive board of BDEW, the ManyElectronics and Water Industry Association, at the opening press conference of the trade fair E-world energy & water 2010 in Essen.

“The expansion and modernization of the electricity grids ranks last in Germany’s quest to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. However, new grids are the prerequisite for the expansion of renewable energy sources, for electric cars and eventually for reaching the climate protection targets”, Mr Kohlmann said. He stressed that the high priority of the grid expansion must be reflected in the energy concept of the government.

Grid operators were resolved to invest as much as EUR 40 billion in the grid expansion. Yet, investments required a legal framework and a business environment that promoted investments, especially with regard to the duration of the approval procedures for new grids. The average duration of the approval procedure was seven to nine years, which was simply too long.

Source: BDEW

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