Cabinet Decides on German PV Auctioning Ordinance – First Bid Date Already 15 April!

The Federal Cabinet has today agreed on the overdue Ordinance for Competitive Bidding for Financial Support of Freestanding Installations (FFAV). Anyone interested needs to look into this immediately, as the first bid date will be 15 April 2015.

As no approval of the Federal Council is necessary, it will now be published in the Federal Gazette and shall enter into force the day after promulgation.

There seem to be only few changes compared to the previous draft, but we have not yet fully analyzed the final version.

As a practical matter, everyone even remotely interested in participating in the German PV auctions should look into the FFAV immediately and will have to act extremely quickly:

For 2015, there shall be 3 auctions:

  • Bid date 15 April 2015: 150 MW
  • Bid date 1 August 2015: 150 MW
  • Bid date 1 December 2015: 200 MW

Details of the auctions shall be published by the Federal Network Agency after the ninth and before the sixth week before the bid date on BNetzA’s internet site. The publication must contain at least

  • Bid date
  • Auction volume (Sec. 3(1), 4 FFAV)
  • Maximum value (Sec. 8 FFAV)
  • Formal requirements (Sec. 34 FFAV)
  • Further determinations of BNetzA on submitting bids and the award procedure (Sec. 35 FFAV)

This appears to be a very ambitious schedule, to say the least. Possibly too ambitious. Let’s see if anyone decides to have a court look further into this, or other aspects of the FFAV, or the first award decision. And how much PV capacity will have been added using this procedure by the end of the year.

Source: BMWi

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