Crash Course Greenhouse Gas Emissions Law – EU ETS and EEG

Prof. Säcker again organised one of his excellent energy seminars at the Institute for Energy and Regulatory Law Berlin. On 12/13 January, it was his  energy law crash course. I had the pleasure of speaking on greenhouse gas emissions law.

The course covered quite a variety of energy subjects, and was held in German.

Topics included:

  1. EU law basis of energy law
  2. Integration of renewable energy by distribution and transmission system operators
  3. Affordability of energy supply
  4. Consequences of unbundling on distribution and transmission systems
  5. Special provisions securing the competitiveness of energy intensive industries
  6. § 110: Closed supply areas
  7. Energy consumer protection law
  8. Case law on granting electricity and gas concessions
  9. Energy cartel law
  10. Greenhouse gas emissions law

If you read German, you can download my presentation here. It starts with an overview of what “greenhouse gas emissions law” covers, as climate change covers  a rather broad area of law (including EU ETS, renewables, energy efficiency) that is governed by several statues as well as international, European and German political instruments. The presentation then focuses on an overview of the European emissions trading regime and its German implementation (TEHG and other laws), including backloading and the current market stability reserve discussion. The presentation also covers last years changes of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2014).

Sources: Institute for Energy and Regulatory Law Berlin, Präsentation Treibhausgasemissionsrecht

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