TSOs Launch Load Management Server for Interruptible Loads

The four German transmission system operators (TSOs) successfully launched a joint load management server for interruptible loads in an effort to optimise and automate the handling of interruptible loads according to the relevant legal provisions.

Since 1 January 2013 the “Ordinance on Contractual Agreements Concerning Interruptible Loads” (AbLaV) provides that the transmission system operators can hold monthly tenders for interruptible loads of 3,000 MW in total to stabilise the grids and maintain the security of supply (cf. Sections 1 and 8 AbLaV). Consumers with interruptible loads of at least 50 MW can submit bids if they fulfill further criteria relating to their capability to reduce demand (cf. Section 5 AbLaV).

According to Section 4 para. 1 to 3 AbLaV, the compensation for interruptible loads consists of a compensation paid for the readiness of a consumer to reduce consumption during a given period (capacity fee – Leistungspreis) and the compensation paid in case consumption is actually reduced (unit fee – Arbeitspreis). The monthly capacity fee is EUR 2,500/MW. The unit fee may not be less than EUR 100 but must not exceed EUR 400 per MW/h. Costs are passed on to final consumers. In 2015 they will have to pay a surcharge of 0.006 ct/kWh on the electricity price.

Commissioning of the server takes place in two stages. In a first step the operative handling by the TSOs regarding matters like the actual reduction of consumption, billing and information obligations are simplified. In a second step, probably taking place the second quarter of 2015, further features will be implemented to simplify matters for providers of interruptible loads. The aim is to automise communication between TSOs and providers and establish an automated system showing availability of interruptible loads and enabling calls to reduce consumption.

Source: TSOs via Tennet

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