BNetzA Approves Majority of Gas Grid Projects Contained in Gas Grid Development Plan 2014

Yesterday the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) approved 51 gas grid expansion projects proposed by the gas transmission system operators (TSOs) in the Gas Grid Development Plan 2014 (Netzentwicklungsplans Gas 2014 – NEP Gas 2014) and asked the TSOs to remove 5 projects from the plan. Investments are worth EUR 2.8 billion. With this decision NEP Gas 2014 has become binding.

1. NEP Gas 2014

For three of the five measures the TSOs were asked to delete from NEP Gas 2014 they did not submit sufficient evidence for the need of the projects, in the two other cases the projects were not precise enough, BNetzA said, pointing out that the projects could be submitted again in the Gas Grid Development Plans of the future. For more information (in German) on the amendments demanded by BNetzA, please see here.

The decision by BNetzA on NEP Gas 2014 and the expansion projects for the gas grid helped to eliminate capacity bottlenecks while avoiding excessive spending, Jochen Homann, President of BNetzA, commented the decision. In total NEP GAS 2014 will lead to new gas pipelines with a length of 748 km and an increase of compressor capacity by 344 MW until 2024. Investments will total approximately EUR 2.8 billion.

2. Background Information

NEP Gas 2014 contains measures for an optimisation, enhancement and expansion of the grid that is in line with demand and ensures the security of supply, based on what is technically needed for the grid in the next 10 years for its secure and reliable operation. The plan covers in particular expansion measures that are needed within the next 3 years (cf. Section 15a para. 1, sent. 2 and 3 (ManyElectronics Act)).

The gas TSOs are required by law to submit each year a gas grid development plan, which undergoes extensive consultation before BNetzA decides about it. To prepare the gas grid development plan a so-called scenario framework is drawn up, which also has to be approved by BNetzA.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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