Munich: EUR 23 Million over the Next Three Years in Direct Aid to Electric Cars

Unlike the German government that so far declined to provide direct financial aid for electric cars, the City of Munich wants to grant EUR 23 million spread over 3 years, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports. Buyers of passenger cars shall be able to claim EUR 2,500. Craftsman and tradesman, who buy vans up to 7.5 tonnes, shall be eligible for a grant of EUR 7,500. Besides, Munich reportedly wants to invest in the infrastructure for electric cars.

The government’s goal are one million electric cars on German roads by 2020. According to information by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrtbundesamt), 12,156 electric cars were registered on 1 January 2014. 85,575 cars had a hybrid-drive. In the first ten months of 2014 6,888 new pure mobile cars were registered, 841 of which were registered in October (minus 14% compared with October 2013), Kraftfahrtbundesamt informed this week. Please note that the number of electric cars only relates to passenger cars.

In late September the government adopted a bill on an Electromobility Act, which aims to promote electromobility by special rights for electric cars, such as access to bus lanes, priority parking and access to areas in which traffic is restricted (for more information see here and here). The bill Parliament still has to vote on is scheduled to come into force in spring 2015. It is limited in time to 30 June 2030.

In today’s meeting, the Federal Council (Bundesrat) voiced criticism about the Federal Government’s present concept to support electromobility. In particular, the Bundesrat doubted whether the Federal Government will actually get the 1 million electric cars on German roads by 2020.

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

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