Renewable Surcharge Account Balance Increases Despite High Support for Renewables in October

A profit of EUR 240,034,550.82 in October 2014 lead to an increase of the positive balance on the Renewable Surcharge Account (EEG account) to EUR 1,620,779,488.03, the transmission system operators (TSOs) informed. In September the account had recorded a deficit of EUR -125,415,042.33. Yet spending in support of renewable power plants was much higher in October 2014 than a year before (2014: EUR 1,661,461.407.60; 2013: EUR 1,040,142,485,48). Consequently the October 2013 profit was much higher, amounting to EUR 715,283,198,03.

3,242 GWh renewable power were fed into the grids that had to be sold by the TSOs at the EPEX Spot power exchange in October, less than a year before (October 2013: 4,204 GWh) and less than the 3,900 GWh in September 2014. These numbers do not include renewable power sold by the operators themselves for which they claimed market premiums, a possibility provided on a voluntary basis already under the previous EEG 2012. Since the amendment of the EEG that entered into force on 1 August 2014 (EEG 2014), directing marketing is mandatory for most new plants (for more information, please see here).

Solar input marketed by the TSOs was the highest with 1,730 GWh, down from 2,531 GWh in September 2014, but slightly up compared with 1,624 GWh in October 2013. Wind power input sold by the TSOs rose from 324 GWh in September 2014 to 472 GWh in October 2014 (October 2013: 771 GWh). Input from biomass was down from 824 GWh in September 2014 to 810 GWh in October (October 2013: 1,469 GWh). The first nine months of 2014 saw total renewable input marketed by the TSOs of 46,304 GWh, compared to 51,380 GWh in 2013.

The average price obtained by the TSOs at the power exchange in October 2014 went up from EUR 34.50/MWh in September to EUR 35,75/MWh in October 2014, (January EUR 38.20/MWh, February EUR 35.64/MWh, March EUR 27.07/MWh, April EUR 33.05/MWh, May EUR 28.31/MWh, June EUR 32.54/MWh, July EUR 34.47/MWh, August 25.72/MWh). In Octber 2013 the average price was EUR 38.27/MWh.

So far EEG costs reported in the EEG surcharge account add up to EUR 18,765,671,050.60 by end of October 2014.

Under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) renewable power input into the German grids is supported by transfer payments such as direct marketing premiums paid in addition to the revenue obtained by the sale of renewable energy that is effected by renewable power plant operator themselves and feed-in tariffs for electricity fed into the grids and sold by the TSOs. The so-called EEG account balances the expenses for renewable transfer payments to renewable power plant operators against the revenue obtained from the sale of renewable energy at the EPEX Spot power exchange by the TSOs and the so-called EEG surcharge, which electricity consumers have to pay in support of the EEG transfer payments. In 2015 the EEG surcharge will amount to 6.17 ct/kWh.


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