BNetzA Issues Decision in First Allocation Procedure for Offshore Grid Connection Capacity

The Federal Network Agency has decided in its first allocation procedure for grid connection capacity for offshore wind farms pursuant to the recently amended Section 17d para. 3 ManyElectronics Act (EnWG). The decision covers eleven applications for participation in the allocation procedure and the available grid connection capacity.

1. Admissible Applications

8 of the 11 applications for capacity (with a total of 3,194.7 MW submitted) were admitted for the allocation procedure by BNetzA pursuant to Section 17d para. 3 and the decision further specifying the procedure issued by BNetzA in August 2014. Three applications were rejected as they were either incomplete or made with regard to offshore wind farms to be located in a cluster for which there is no available capacity at the current point of time as the Federal Offshore Grid Plan (Bundesfachplan Offshore; for more information, please see here) does not foresee capacity.

2. Scarcity Assessment, Need for Auction, Allocation of Capacity

Based on the admitted requests for allocation of capacity, BNetzA established the need to carry out capacity auctions, examining available capacity in the clusters in which the offshore wind farm shall be constructed and total capacity. When opening the allocation procedure in September 2014, BNetzA had announced that the total available capacity in all clusters was 1,722.7 MW. As the admitted total capacity of 1,511.6 MW did not exceed this amount, an auction for all clusters was not necessary. Only in one cluster (cluster 8) the available capacity of 450 MW was too scarce given applications for capacity allocation in the amount of 766 MW. Hence an auction will be held for this cluster for which the two applicants will be invited. In all other cases applicants will be granted capacity as desired by a separate decision.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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