TSOs Publish Grid Surcharge for Interruptible Loads for 2015

Here comes data on electricity surcharge No. 4 for 2015: The surcharge on grid fees final consumers have to pay in 2015 for costs incurred by the transmission system operators (TSOs) relating to contracts on interruptible loads is 0.006 ct/kWh, the TSOs announced.

According to the “Ordinance on Contractual Agreements Concerning Interruptible Loads” (AbLaV) the transmission system operators hold monthly tenders for interruptible loads of 3,000 MW in total to allow stabilisation of the grids and maintain security of supply (cf. Sections 1 and 8 AbLaV). TSOs balance costs among themselves and can pass them on (via the distribution operators) to final consumers with the surcharge pursuant to Section 18 AbLaV. The amount of the surcharge has been calculated based on the estimated costs for 2015 (EUR 31,855,515.00) and a negative carry-over from 2013 in the amount of EUR -1,774,214.72.

According to Section 4 para. 1 to 3 AbLaV, the compensation for interruptible loads consists of a compensation paid for the readiness of a consumer to reduce consumption during a given period (capacity fee – Leistungspreis) and the compensation paid in case consumption is actually reduced (unit fee – Arbeitspreis). The monthly capacity fee is EUR 2,500/MW. The unit fee may not be less than EUR 100 but must not exceed EUR 400 per MW/h.

The interruptible loads surcharge is the fourth surcharge for 2015 recently published by the TSOs. The German transmission system operators have also just published the renewable surcharge for 2015 (EEG surcharge), the Section 19 (2) StromNEV grid surcharge, and the offshore grid surcharge (this time rather an offshore grid discount).

Source: www.netztransparenz.de

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