BNetzA Publishes Study on Capacity Products in the Gas Market

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has published the results of a study it had commissioned on “Capacity Products in the German Natural Gas Market” which was meant to take stock, evaluate and make proposals for a possible standardisation.

Capacity products sold by the gas transmission grid operators are rights to use the gas transmission grids. Due to the technical and physical nature of the grids, capacity is limited.

Presently a variety of capacity products is sold or could be sold in the future in Germany, the study says, explaining the fact inter alia with a lack of standardisation. Developments in Germany and other selected European countries that were examined (Great Britain, France and Austria) showed that with the enlargement of entry/exit systems and market areas (Bilanzzonen) the need for capacity products had increased, the authors say.

The following capacity products are reported

  • Fixed freely allocable capacity (feste, frei zuordenbare Kapazität – FZK)
  • Conditional firm freely allocable capacity (bedingt feste, frei zuordenbare Kapazität – bFZK)
  • Fixed dynamically allocable capacity (feste, dynamisch zuordenbare Kapazität – DZK)
  • Restricted firm capacity (feste, beschränkt zuordenbare Kapazität – BZK)
  • Interruptable, freely allocable capacity (unterbrechbare, frei zuordenbare Kapazität -uFZK)

The study provides information on the various products and demand for them. It evaluates them and describes their impact on the security of supply and the need for grid expansion. Furthermore it describes ideal capacity products from the point of view of the users, sellers and the market as such and combinations thereof.

The study and a final presentation that summarises the main results (in German) can now be found at the link below.

Source: Federal Network Agency, Presentation WECOM


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