Hamburg Presents Master Plan for Expansion of Charging Stations for Electric Cars

With a new master plan the City of Hamburg intends to increase charging stations for electric cars to 592, including 70 locations with DC charging stations for fast recharging. Hamburg and the German Federation are supporting the expansion with EUR 4.7 million.

1. Main Elements of the Master Plan

  • The municipal grid Operator Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH will coordinate the installation and operation of the charging stations;
  • The requirements for charging stations open to the public will be standardised;
  • Charging stations on private/commercial land that is open to the public will be eligible for public funding;
  • Payments shall also be made possible through a smart phone app;
  • App-based information shall be provided indicating the location and availability of charging stations;

2. Background Information

There are currently 950 electric cars registered in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. In view of public support programmes and rising private demand, the City expects 5,000 electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars to be on Hamburgs’s roads by the end of 2016.

Hamburg’s AC charging stations have mostly been retrofitted, reducing charging time to 60 minutes. At DC charging stations charging only takes 30 to 40 minutes. The master plan provides for the installation of so-called triple chargers that allow AC as well as DC charging in 70 locations in Hamburg by 2016.

The City points out that according to law charging stations for electric cars are not considered to be installations that are part of the distribution grids. Hence installation and operation require a special use permit (Sondernutzungserlaubnis) pursuant to Section 19 Road Act (Wegegesetz) of the City of Hamburg. The permits are issued by the district authorities (Bezirksamt) of the City. Presently there is no possibility to keep the space at charging stations free from other vehicles and reserve it for electric cars. Hamburg hopes that the draft for a Federal Electromobility Act, which it initiated and supports, will become law by 1 February 2015. The draft provides for special rights for electric and hybrid cars, in particular regarding parking, the use of special driving lanes and access to areas in which driving is restricted.

Source: City of Hamburg

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