Schuler Diversifies by Entering Wind Power Market

Schuler Group, headquartered in Göppingen, plans to enter the wind turbine market. Thus far, the company and its many subsidiaries worldwide supply the entire metalworking industry, especially the car industry with forming technolgy, and offer coin minting technology.

As a means to reduce dependence on the car sector, Schuler intends to develop and produce complete wind power plants for inland operation, initially for the German market. In the medium term, the company plans to supply the international market. A prototype turbine for medium wind-speed zones will begin a one-year test phase in fall 2010. After certification, Schuler plans to produce a pilot series of six wind turbines in 2011. Full-scale production is scheduled for 2013.

Schuler’s wind turbines shall have a rated power of 2.7 megawatts and are optimized for use in medium wind-speed zones. They will be equipped with a direct drive system and a magnet synchronous generator. Besides, Schuler’s new wind turbines use a power conversion technology which shall comply in full with the requirements of new grid feed-in guidelines coming into force in mid 2010.

Source: Schuler AG

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