Showcase Electromobility Programme Launches Own Website

The “Showcase Electromobility Programme”, a government sponsored programme that supports research in electromobility, has launched its own website, parts of which are in English as well.

The government aims to have one million electric cars on Germany’s roads by 2020. Government support for electromobility is given through the “Showcase Electromobility Programme”, which forms part of the government programme on electromobility of May 2011. The aim is to pool and showcase competences in the areas of electric cars, energy supply and transport systems in selected regional large-scale demonstration and pilot projects. Innovative trends in the electromobility sector shall be tested and made public so as to create national and international demand.

Based on the recommendation of an independent jury of experts the government selected the following four showcase regions in April 2012, in which numerous projects will be carried out:

– Living Lab BW E-Mobil (State of Baden-Württemberg)

– Internationales Schaufenster der Elektromobilität (International Showcase Electromobility – States of Berlin and Brandenburg)

– Unsere Pferdestärken werden elektrisch (Our Horse Power Becomes Electric – State of Lower Saxony)

– Elektromobilität verbindet (Electromobility Unites – States of Bavaria and Saxony)

The new website provides information on more than 140 projects from the four showcase regions. A search function allows users to search for key aspects like batteries, energy- and charging infrastructure, ICT etc. or for projects in one of the four regions. Besides a FAQ page and a section on various topics related to electromobility give background information. In addition the website offers information on current events in the electromobility sector and has a downloads section.

In the four showcase regions 90 combination projects (Verbundvorhaben) with 334 sub-projects (Teilvorhaben) are being supported between 2012 and 2016 by the federal government as well as additional projects by the state governments and other partners. The four federal ministries involved have allocated EUR 180 million for the Showcase Electromobility Programme. Total project investments amount to almost EUR 300 million.

In addition to the Showcase Electromobility Programme, the government is currently preparing an Electromobility Act, which shall promote electromobility by granting electric and hybrid cars special rights, such as access to bus lanes, priority parking and access to areas in which traffic is restricted. Whether and to what extent additional support will be given, is not yet quite clear (for more information, please see first link below).

Source:; Federal Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy

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