Energy Ministry Publishes Further Capacity Market Studies

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has made three studies on electricity market design available on its website.

The studies appear to conclude that an energy only market is in principle functioning and can ensure security of supply. However, certain adjustments of the current market framework as well as a harmonisation of rules for energy trading will be necessary.

BMWi is now analysing the studies, and will discuss and evaluate them with the Länder and interest groups.

As part of its recent post EEG 2.0 energy agenda, the ministry recently announced to prepare a green paper based on various studies by autumn 2014 that puts up the various options for discussions, stating pros and cons. Following public consultation (to be finished in September 2015), a white paper shall propose specific steps. This shall be followed by the enactment of respective laws and ordinances. The government also announced to engage in talks with neighbouring countries and the EU Commission on the capacity market issue, pointing out that joint solutions in the European context would lead to synergies.

Source: BMWi

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