Solarhybrid Constructs Solar Power Plant on Former Military Airport

Solarhybrid AG won a major contract for a freestanding solar power plant on a former military airport in the district of Schorfheide, 60 km east of Berlin.

The contract is worth EUR 58 million. The solar power plant will have an installed capacity of 24.5 MW, serving the energy demand of 6,500 households.

The plant will be operated by is solarinvestra FinowTower GmbH & Co. KG, a fund set up by interstrom AG and CH2 Contorhaus Hansestadt Hamburg AG. Commerzbank AG provides debt capital. The premises are owned by is solarinvestra FT Grundstücks GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of interstrom. The property has been leased for 20 years to the operator.

After having completed preparatory work, construction will now start. Solarhybrid will act as general contractor. Its project partner Enerparc AG will provide planning and project management. The plant shall be connected to the grid by 30 April 2010.

Source: Solarhybrid AG

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