Wind Energy Did Surprisingly Well in 2009

The expansion of wind energy in Germany picked up speed in 2009, reaching a new record high. According to a study by Deutsches Windenergie Institut (German Wind Energy Institute – DEWI), Germany’s most important form of renewable energy grew faster than expected after two years of stagnation.

The 2009 revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act helped. 952 new turbines with a total capacity of 1,917 MW went online in 2009, repesenting a growth of 15% compared with 2008. The capacity of the new turbines equals approximately the capacity of two nuclear power plants.  The total wind power capacity in Germany at the end of 2009 amounted to 21.164 installations with 25,777 MW. Only the United States have a higher installed wind power capacity.

Repowering also increased from 24 MW in 2008 to 136 MW in 2009. Repowering is expected to have considerable potential in the coming years.

The increase in wind power came somewhat as a surprise. Due to the financial crisis many in the sector at the beginning of the year had expected to suffer a setback.

Source: DEWI

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