Energy Ministry Proposal for Ordinance on Itemised Energy Billing Including State and Regulation Induced Price Elements

German costumers of electricity and gas shall receive a fully itemised bill explaining how the respective energy price is composed.  The Federal Ministry of Economy came forward with a new draft ordinance which shall apply to electricity suppliers in charge of universal service (Grundversorgung) in an area.

The new Ordinance on the Transparent Presentation of State or Regulation Induced Price Elements in Gas and Electricity Universal Supply (Verordnung zur transparenten Ausweisung staatlich oder regulatorisch gesetzter Preisbestandteile in der Strom- und Gasgrundversorgung) shall contain detailed provision on what information universal service suppliers have to include in their bills. Under German law, the universal supply provider is the energy supply undertaking that provides general supply to most household customers within a given system area (Sec. 36 para. 2).

The revision of the current legal situation shall make the electricity bill more transparent for universal supply consumers. At the moment energy suppliers do not have to itemise costs arising from  network access or statutory charges which are part of the universal supply tariff. In the future there shall be data on

  • VAT (Umsatzsteuer)
  • Electricity tax (Stromsteuer)
  • EEG surcharge (EEG-Umlage)
  • Concession fee (Konzessionsabgabe)
  • CHP surcharge (KWK-Auflschlag)
  • §19-surcharge for network charge exemption (Umlage nach § 19 StromNEV)
  • Offshore surcharge (Offshore-Umlage)
  • Surcharge for interruptible  loads (Umlage abschaltbare Lasten)
  • Network charges (Netzentgelte)

With the help of a comprehensive presentation of these cost components, consumers shall be able to understand changes of the price more easily. The Federal Ministry of Economy hopes the regulation will lead to more comparability and a fair competition in the electricity market. In particular wider possibilities to obtain information before the conclusion of the contract will be available for consumers.

About one third of the final consumers in Germany obtain electricity on the basis of the universal supply tariff. They will have more access to information online and on their annual account, as well as receive notifications whenever the energy supplier changes the prices.

The federal states and associations had the opportunity to submit their written observations on the draft until 17 July. The regulation shall enter into force in autumn.

The Federal Ministry of Economy estimates that annual additional costs of € 6051 will incur for the energy suppliers and one-off costs of €16680.

Sources: Press Release Federal Ministry of Economy, Welt: Gläserne Stromrechnung soll kommen

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