163/204 MWp PV Capacity Added in April and May 2014

In April and May 2014 new solar capacity amounting to 163.001 and 204.036 MWp were installed, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), informed. Total German PV capacity eligible for support under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) amounted to 36,519 MWp at the end of May.

The April and May additions are lower than last years figures, as April 2013 brought 336.760 MWp and May 2013 345.817 MWp.

Based on the latest information published by BNetzA (please note that figures may subsequently be corrected upon new information without leading to a new publication of the monthly figures), the March 2014 capacity additions lead to the following table of German PV capacity eligible for financial support pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

Year Month MWp MWp
End of 2008 6,120
Installed 2009 3,801.572
End of 2009 9,921.572
Installed 2010 7,377.678
End of 2010 17,299.250
Installed 2011 7,485.234
End of 2011 24,784.484
Installed 2012 7,604.142
End of 2012 32,388.626
Installed 2013 3,302.826
End of 2013 35,692
01/2014 193.447*
02/2014 110.414*
03/2014 155.805
04/2014 163.001
05/2014 204.036
Installed 05/2014  826.703
Total 05/2014 36,519

* corrected figures

Source: Federal Network Agency

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2 Responses to “163/204 MWp PV Capacity Added in April and May 2014”

  • If additions of solar continue on the same level, there will be less than 2 GW new solar added in 2014. That’s the lowest level since 2008, correct?

  • Mutthias Leng

    I think 1.95 GW were added in 2008 and 4.46 GW in 2009, so if it will be just below 2 GW that would be in the 2008 range. However, I think it may be a bit early to predict where we will end this year. In light of the recently low additions, we may see a reduction of the normal 1% regression as of 1 August, which might lead to additional capacity. Furthermore, it remains to be seen what effects the EEG 2.0 changes will have.

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