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EEG 2.0: Legislative Process on Track

After the Bundestag has voted on the EEG revision on 27 [1] June [1], now only the Federal Council (Bunderat) has to approve the revision. The decision of the Federal Council has been scheduled for July 11.

If the Bundesrat votes in favor of the revised EEG, the bill can enter into force as planned on 1 August. Thus, the legislative process would go through in record time. Normally the legislative process takes longer, due to longer longer consultation periods of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

The German Constitution (Art. 76, 77 GG) provides for shorter consultations period if all constitutional bodies agree (Beschleunigtes Verfahren – Expedited Procedure). Last week, the permanent advisory committee (Ständiger Beirat) of the Bundestag decided to waive the three-week consultation period of the Bundesrat. After an  extraordinary meeting on 3 July the leading economic committee (federführende Wirschaftsausschuss) as well as the other committees adopted a corresponding resolution recommendation [2].

Therefore the Bundesrat can now decide in its last regular meeting before the summer recess on 11 July about the EEG revision. The vote on the EEG revision is scheduled as item 49 on the agenda. [3]

On this last meeting before summer recess the Bundesrat will inter alia also address the costs for the shut down of nuclear power plants (topic No. 57 [4]), the request of the some Federal States (Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein) to prohibit fracking nationwide (topic No. 58 [5]), and the opening clause for minimum wind turbine distances (topic 50 [6]).

You can follow the Bundesrat meeting live on www.bundesrat.de [7] on 11 July, 9:30.

Source: Bundesrat [8]

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