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EEG 2.0 – Something to Run Away From?

The EEG 2.0 reform package is a difficult piece of legislation. Anecdotal evidence is starting to suggest that the new version will be difficult to master. So difficult that one of our energy sector group student interns has already decided to end his internship. He is now considering a military career.

I wonder how many of the MPs that today voted on the EEG would also have liked to run away from it.  And how many think that the reform actually resolves all major open issues. We’ll see if anyone will also opt for a military career.

The reform package was definitely too much for our intern.  This Tuesday morning, I suggested to our intern to assist in updating a presentation on the EEG 2.0 reform. To that end, I gave him a presentation on the EEG 2014 reform project that I had prepared for a webinar on 5 June [1]. And I had asked him to see what was publicly available on the latest changes in EEG reform project, as in the morning the Bundestag’s Committee for Economic Affairs and Energy had cancelled its press conference [2]. It should have provided information on what changes the Committee proposed for today’s Bundestag vote. I also suggested to our intern to have a look at what he has learnt about the legislative procedure in school. 24 hours later, he decided that he had chosen the wrong internship.

I am now updating the presentation myself.  And even for me it is difficult to understand all of its implications. The problem is, except for a few interns, nobody can run away from the EEG project. We need to make it work. Which means that we will surely see a 2.1 version of the EEG soon. And depending on where the European law decisions of the European Commission and the European courts go, an EEG 3.0 may not be too far away either. Which will keep the energy lawyers and many others running at full throttle.

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