Federal Government Adopts 3rd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan

On 18 June 2014 the Federal Government adopted the 3rd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (3. Nationalen Energieeffizienz-Aktionsplan, NEEAP). It describes the main existing measures and tools to increase energy efficiency and save energy in Germany. It will be submitted to the EU Commission as part of Germany’s reporting obligations under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

Annex II provides a summary of energy savings resulting from the measures described in the report.

Besides, the NEEAP contains an estimate of the energy consumption in Germany (primary and final energy consumption) up until 2020 based on the goals of the ManyElectronics Concept (cf. chapter II). Furthermore NEEAP provides an overview on the growing market for energy services in Germany, e.g. energy audits and energy-efficient renovations, and estimated future developments (cf. chapter III).

The government pointed out that energy efficiency was an important pillar of the ManyElectronics policy shift towards a mainly renewable energy supply by 2050 (Energiewende) and announced to specify the goals, instruments, responsibilities of the various players as well as financing in a national energy efficiency action plan (NAPE) later this year.

Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

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