FAZ: Uniform Renewables Surcharge of 40% for Self-consumed Power of New Renewable Power Plants?

According to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), representatives of the ruling conservative/social democrat coalition generally agreed with Economics and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) on some changes for the EEG 2.0 regarding the obligation to (partially) pay the EEG surcharge on self-consumed power. Reportedly, a uniform 40% of the renewable surcharge (EEG surcharge) shall be due for power generated in new renewable power plants and which is self-consumed. Some details still have to be clarified, FAZ says.

Unlike the current version of the EEG amendment bill (cf. Section 58 EEG 2014, for more information, please click here) the EEG shall apparently not make an exemption for the first 10 MWh generated in small plants with an installed capacity of up to 10 kW, i.e. the size of many smaller solar power installations.

Changes would also affect energy-intensive companies, for which the current draft foresees a reduction of 85% of the EEG surcharge for new power plants (irrespective of the form of fuel) if the consumer who uses self-generated energy is a manufacturing company as defined in the provision. Instead of a 15% surcharge these companies would thus have to pay 40%.

Operators of new renewable power plants in the sense of the EEG and highly efficient CHP plants defined in the law would, however, benefit. While they would have to pay a 50% surcharge according to the current bill, the latest change would reduce the surcharge to the uniform 40% surcharge for new power plants.

Under the EEG 2012 self-generated and self-consumed power is exempted from the EEG surcharge if the electricity is not transmitted via a grid or consumed in the vicinity of the electricity-generating installation (Section 37 para. 3, sent. 2 EEG). The Economics and Energy Ministry initially wanted to make not only new plants for self-use contribute 90% of the EEG surcharge, but also freeze the EEG exemption for existing plants on the 2013 EEG-surcharge level, so that plants would have had to pay for a rising surcharge (for more information, please see here). In talks with the federal states, the government made concessions.

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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