Bank Survey Shows Cautious Yes to Electric Cars

A survey by Creditplus Bank among 1,000 Germans shows that 63% are generally willing to change to electric cars, yet a number of caveats were made.

For 24% out the 63% electric cars must not be more expensive than comparable cars with a conventional drive. 12% indicated that they would only consider electric cars if state support was granted (no further information were given as to the type of support; regarding efforts to boost the sale of electric cars by granting indirect support, please see here). A quarter was willing take out a higher or an additional loan for a car with an alternative drive, Creditplus Bank says.

The main argument against the purchase of electric cars is the low cruising range of battery-powered vehicles (21%), Creditplus Bank found out. 7% cannot imagine a car that is not fuel-powered at all, while 4% think charging is too complicated. The remaining group does not drive a car.

In the long-term 53% believe to drive a car with an alternative drive: 25% believe to own a hybrid car by 2024, 17% think it will be an electric car, 6% believe in hydrogen-powered cars, while 5% are still convinced of natural gas powered cars, Creditplus Bank says. The German government aims to have one million electric cars on Germany’s roads by 2020. According to the Federal Transport Authority 13,718,489 licenses for passenger cars were valid on 1 January 2014 (for more information, also on other types of vehicles, please see here).

Source: Creditplus Bank

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