No Official Announcement after Nuclear Power Talks in Chancellery

No official announcement has been made after the talks about nuclear power issues for which the German Chancellery had invited board members of the four major utilities E.ON AG, RWE AG, Vattenfall Europe AG and EnBW AG for 21 January 2010.

As Rheinische Post writes, RWE AG submitted a proposal that additional profits from the extension of nuclear plants’ life-span could be partly paid into a fund. The proceeds could be made available for research in the field of renewable energy.

Government sources would not comment, but the parties involved expect an extension of the life-spans of the 17 German nuclear power plants of 20 years, says Rheinische Post. As of 2030, the government believes renewables are able to make up for nuclear power.

The government denies any time pressure despite the fact that the life-span of the EnBW nuclear power plant Neckarwestheim I and the RWE plant Biblis A pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act (AtG) will expire soon. It reportedly argues that as E.ON’s plant Stade has been shut down a year before the official deadline, there are still residual generation quantities (Reststrommengen) which could be transfered to other plants. As a consequence, the EnBW and RWE plants could remain in operation until 2011.

The government itself is said to be claiming 50% of the estimated additional profits of EUR 40 billion, says Rheinische Post. The Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Ministry of Economics and Technology each would get half of the money.

An agreement between the government and the utilities is expected by summer.

Source: Rheinische Post