Updated Bavarian Wind Power Atlas Provides Information on Wind Power Locations

The updated Bavarian Wind Power Atlas provides guidance and planning aide by giving various information on wind power locations in Bavaria, e.g. on wind speed and power yields.

Bavarian Economics and Energy Minister Ilse Eigner described the Wind Power Atlas and its advantages as follows: „With state-of-the art meteorological calculations based on climate data, wind conditions in every location in Bavaria can be much more realistically evaluated. Maps on wind speed and energy yields show opportunities everywhere in Bavaria. The Wind Power Atlas also gives answers to the question where wind power makes the most economic sense.”

A 3-D-analysis tool for wind power plants is also available. It contains 3-D views of new wind power plants and wind power plants in planning stages, providing very realistic 3-D views, which allow “to build” wind power plants in a chosen location with a mouse click, showing how they fit in with the landscape.

The ministry pointed out that the updated Wind Power Atlas and the 3-D-analysis are only planning tools that are not meant to interfere with local planning sovereignty and the individual permitting procedure.

Wind power atlases also exist in other German states, e.g. in Baden-Württemberg.

The Bavarian government recently adopted a controversial draft bill regulating minimum distances of wind power plants to residential housing (for more information, please see the first link below).

Source: State of Bavaria

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