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EEG 2.0: Bundestag starts Debate on Renewable Energy Act Revision

After the Cabinet has today completed its proposal for the revision of the German Renewable Energies Act [1] (EEG 2014) with a proposal for the special equalisation scheme, Minister Sigmar Gabriel presented some key elements of the bill during a question session in the Bundestag [2]. The formal debate of the EEG 2.0 bill will start Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 9:00 [3], and will be broadcast live over the internet on parliamentary TV [4].

The Federal Government adopted the original bill amending the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) on 8 April 2014 [5]. This bill did not contain provisions on EEG reductions for energy-intensive industries, as the Commission presented its new European Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014-2020 only a day later on 9 April 2014 [6]. The section covering the special equalisation scheme covering EEG surcharge reduction for energy-intensive companies [7] was missing in the original draft, but has today been adopted [1]as a (technically separated) legislative proposal by the Cabinet.

The Bundestag is now scheduled to formally start its debate on the EEG revision on 8 May at 9:00. Strictly speaking, only the original Cabinet bill on the EEG revision that was presented on 8 April is on tomorrow’s agenda of the Bundestag [3]. The respective proposal was formally submitted to the Bundestag by the Chancelor on 5 May [8].

Sources: Bundestag [3], BMWi [1]

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