Energy Think Tank Agora Energiewende Provides Online Electricity Information

To give interested parties the opportunity to monitor progress of the German Energiewende (policy shift towards a mainly renewable energy supply) the energy think tank Agora Energiewende provides online electricity information visualizing current data, but also providing information on the past.

With a delay of about three to four hours one graph provides data on generation and consumption, while a second graph informs about electricity imports and exports. Information are given for the current day, the respective calendar week as well as for past time periods presently dating back to 1 December 2012 (older data will progressively been entered into the system). The information on the last week show that Germany has been exporting electricity at times of high solar input.

Agora Energiewende is sponsored by Mercator Foundation, a private foundation, and the European Climate Foundation. Its first director was Rainer Baake, a long-time Green party member and state secretary in the Federal Environment Ministry from 1998 to 2005. Since January 2014 Mr Baake is state secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under Minister Sigmar Gabriel. He was responsible for the revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which the federal government recently adopted.

Source: Agora Energiewende

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