EnBW and Municipal Utility of Karlsruhe Team Up for Field Test of Smart Meters in Karlsruhe

The municipal utility of the city of Karlsruhe (Stadtwerke Karlsruhe) announced a cooperation with EnBW AG, one of the major national utilities, with regard to the testing of smart meters. A field test was planned in the city of Karlsruhe in autumn, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe said. After its evaluation in the second half of 2015, a larger field test shall be conducted.

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe have been testing electronic meters in a project comprising 200 customers for a number of years. EnBW on the other hand has been the first utility to test entire smart metering systems, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe said, pointing out that the information gathered shall be used in a larger field test in the grid area of Karlsruhe. Apart from electricity metering both utilities also want to cooperate in the areas of gas, water and heat.

Regulatory requirements for smart meters are laid down in Section 21c ManyElectronics Act (EnWG), which transposes the provisions on smart meters of the Electricity Directive 2009/72/EC and the Gas Directive 2009/73/EC (please see in particular Annex I no. 2 of the Electricity Directive and the German assessment of the benefits for a full roll-out of smart meters in Germany). The subsidiary of EnBW, in charge of the distribution grid and almost 3 million electricity meters, estimates that there will be a need of 700,000 smart meters up to 2020 to due the regulatory requirements, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe said.

Source: Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

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