Gas and Electricity 2014 Grid Development Plan Consultations

Consultations for the 2014 version of the gas as well as the electricity onshore and offshore grid development plans have started.

2014 Gas Grid Development Plan

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has put the 2014 draft Gas Grid Development Plan (Netzentwicklungsplans Gas 2014 – NEP Gas 2014) up for consultation.

The draft NEP Gas 2014 was prepared by the 17 German gas transmissions system operators. It shall contain all effective measures for an optimisation, strengthening and expansion of the grid in line with demand, and shall also ensure security of supply, based on what is technically needed for the grid in the next 10 years for its secure and reliable operation. The plan shall in particular cover what expansion measures are needed in the next 3 years. The consultation also includes specific project lists with modelling alternatives as well as underlying data.

BNetzA consults all factual and potential grid users, and may request changes to the plan based on the results of the consultation. To better structure the consultation process, BNetzA has provided a list of questions.

Comments are requested electronically by 6 June 2014. They shall be published on the agency’s website. BNetzA will also organise a workshop and other events as part of the consultation.

2014 Onshore and Offshore Electricity Grid Development Plans

The four electricity transmission system operators have just started their consultation of the 2014 (Onshore) Grid Development Plan (Netzentwicklungsplan 2014 – NEP 2014) and the Offshore grid Development Plan (Offshore-Netzentwicklungsplan 2014 – O-NEP 2014).

NEP 2014 and O-NEP 2014 have the following background: The Federal Network Agency approved the scenario framework for the Grid Development Plan 2014 on 30 August 2013, based on a draft from the transmission system operators from 28 March 2013. Results of a consultations run by the Federal Network Agency were included in BNetzA’s concluding document. Based on this, the TSOs drew up the draft for the new draft NEP 2014 and O-NEO 2014.

The TSOs presented the new drafts NEP and O-NEP to the Federal Network Agency on 16 April 2014. The consultation period will end 28 May 2014.

Sources: BNetzA, (NEP 2014), (O-NEP2014)

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