110.414 MWp: New Solar Capacity in February Again Fairly Low

New solar capacity added in February 2014 was again fairly low, amounting to 110.414 MWp, the Federal Network Agency, the German regulator, informed. Total German PV capacity eligible for support under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) amounted to 35,996 MWp at the end of February.

Though February has traditionally not been a strong month for new solar power capacity, only in February 2011 capacity additions were lower than this February (02/2010: 163.280 MWp; 02/2011: 99.710 MWp; 02/2012: 229.919 MWp; 02/2013: 210.402 MWp).

Based on the latest information published by BNetzA (please note that figures may subsequently be corrected upon new information without leading to a new publication of the monthly figures), the February 2014 capacity additions lead to the following table of German PV capacity eligible for financial support pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

Year Month MWp MWp
End of 2008 6,120
Installed 2009 3,801.572
End of 2009 9,921.572
Installed 2010 7,377.678
End of 2010 17,299.250
Installed 2011 7,485.234
End of 2011 24,784.484
Installed 2012 7,604.142
End of 2012 32,388.626
Installed 2013 3,302.826
End of 2013 35,692
01/2014 193.447
02/2014 110.414
Installed 02/2014  303.861
Total 28.02.2014  



Please note that an EEG overhaul aimed at containing costs is being planned by the government. The latest draft bill by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy dates 4 March 2014 (for more information on the reform, its effects on solar power and the binding direct marketing obligation, please click here).

Source: Federal Network Agency

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