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ManyElectronics Agency: New Website Pools Information on Reform of Renewables Law (EEG)

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is in the process of being revised. The ManyElectronics Agency (dena) will make the process more transparent by pooling the most important information concerning the reform, i.e. draft bills, press releases, studies, surveys and comments, on the internet site “www.effiziente-energiesysteme.de”.

On the right hand side of the webpage dena informs about the various steps of the legislative procedure, providing links to the information by the various participants as soon as they are available. On the left hand side of the page dena publishes comments in a chronological order.

The information shall be available until August, when the EEG reform shall enter into force.

In view of the complex process of the EEG reform and the many stakeholders, we believe the new site will be a helpful tool for readers. Information on the EEG reform are also published by Clearingstelle EEG [1] (EEG Clearing Agency), which serves interested parties with regard to the interpretation and disputes relating to the EEG.

Source: dena [2]; www.effiziente-energiesysteme.de [3]

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