New Solar Capacity Added in January 2014 Picks Up But Remains Fairly Low

Figures for newly installed PV picked up again in January 2014, amounting to 193.447 MWp, according to the latest data by Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).  Total German PV capacity eligible for feed-in tariffs amounted to 35,886 MWp at the end of the month, BNetzA informed.

The figure is slightly higher than the 166 MWp from December 2013. In 2013 capacity additions amounted to 3.3 GWp in total, with 274 MWp added in January 2013. For the first time Germany did not exceed the 2.5 to 3.5 GWp target corridor for solar growth as provided in Section 20a para. 1 EEG. The previous years saw the following solar capacity additions in January: 2010: 222 MWp;  2011: 266 MWp; 2012: 515.5 MWp.

In April 2012 an amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) entered into force that introduced a monthly degression of feed-in tariffs by 1%, which can rise or fall depending on solar growth (certain thresholds apply; cf. Section 20b EEG). Section 20b para. 9a EEG 2012 provides that no further solar feed-in tariffs will be paid if the total solar capacity exceeds 52 GW. Regarding the feed-in tariffs for February to April 2014, please click here.

Please note that another EEG revision is being prepared. For more information, please see here.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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