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Alpha Ventus Offshore Wind Farm has Generated More Than 1 TWh Since Start of Operations

Alpha ventus, the first German offshore wind farm comprising 12 turbines, has generated more than 1 TWh of electricity since the start of operations, equivalent to the annual consumption of 285,000 households. The operator consortium consisting of EWE AG, E.ON SE and Vattenfall GmbH said they were looking back on “three positive years of regular operations”.

Alpha ventus, which is situated in the North Sea 45 km north off the island of Borkum, has been feeding power into the grid since August 2009. Regular operations commenced in April 2010. In the period 2011 to 2013 alpha ventus reached a total of 12,675 full load hours. The average yield of the offshore wind farm in 2011 through 2013 was 253.14 GWh per annum, exceeding the forecast yield by approximately 10%. The capacity factor of the wind farm of 48.1%  during this period was “an outstanding result by international standards”, the operator said.

In 2013 the annual yield fell 3.3% short of the forecast for the first time, amounting to 224.6 GWh. The reason were low winds in the four months of February, April, May and July 2013 and technical downtimes of individual wind turbines, which could not be compensated for by the particularly windy months of October and December.

“The further expansion of offshore wind power requires the right political framework to be in place. The offshore target of 6.5 GW installed capacity by 2020 remains ambitious. The three follow-up projects to alpha ventus demonstrate that the energy utilities are doing their share”, Wilfried Hube, CEO of wind farm operator DOTI said. He referred to the offshore target as foreseen for the reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) that is currently under way (regarding the consequences for offshore wind power, please see here [1]). For more information regarding the alpha ventus follow-up projects, please see the link below.

Source: alpha ventus [2]

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