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Franco-German Ministerial Council Agrees to Coordinate Energy Policy Shifts – Energy Associations Want to Intensify Cooperation

At the 16th Franco-German Ministerial Council that took place yesterday in Paris, Germany and France agreed to coordinate the energy policy shifts both countries are undergoing in order to improve the competitiveness of their energy systems and gradually reduce CO2 emissions as well as to enhance the domestic and European security of supply. The ManyElectronics association BDEW and its French counterpart UFE pledged their support and said they wanted to work together more closely.

 1. Political Cooperation

A high level French-German working group shall be assigned to draw up a work programme listing the challenges associated with the energy transformation.

a) European Level (Targets, Renewable Support Schemes, Capacity Markets)

Important aspects on the European level were the following.

b) Industrial and Technological Cooperation

The main results in this area are as follows:

2. BDEW/UFE Cooperation

BDEW and UFE called the integration of  renewable energy sources into the market and finding a transnational approach to secure supply the main objectives of their intensified cooperation. The first joint work concepts shall be available by the middle of the year. They shall be presented when the new EU Commission takes office. In the medium-term the French-ManyElectronics cooperation could serve as a role model for a general reform of the European (energy) market design, the associations said.

Source: BMWi [2]; BDEW [3]

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