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EEG 2.0: BMWi Working Draft for Revision of Renewable Energy Sources Act

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (“BMWi”) has drafted a first working version of a revised German Renewables Energy Sources Act (EEG). This first draft led to further clarification on the EEG 2.0 project, i.e. the reform of the EEG. The draft further specifies the elements presented earlier in the key point paper of BMWi [1], especially regarding the feed-in tariffs. It also contains some new provisions, which were not previously contained in the key point paper.

1. Introduction of New Expansion Corridors/Caps in EEG and Cuts of Financial Support

As previously reported [2] the key point paper wants to introduce expansion corridors with ”breathing caps” (“atmender Deckel”) for the support of renewable power plants under the EEG. The BMWi draft now concretes these changes. Inter alia the draft provides for the following changes:

a) Onshore Wind Power

b) Solar Power

c) Biomass

d) Offshore Wind Power

e) Hydropower

f) Geothermal Energy

2. Greater Market Exposure of Renewable Power Plants

In order to expose renewable power plants more to market forces the draft als implements the following suggestions of the key point paper:

a) Binding Direct Marketing Obligation

b)  ”Green Electricity Privilege” Deleted

In December 2013 [4], the EU Commission has opened an in-depth investigate into the reduction on the renewables surcharge (EEG-surcharge) granted to suppliers that source 50% of their electricity portfolio from domestic renewable electricity (“green electricity privilege”). This privilege shall be deleted.

c)  Binding Direct Marketing Obligation

d)  Auctioning to Determine Financial Supports

3. Reduction of EEG surcharge for energy-intensive companies

4. Reduction of EEG surcharge for rail operators

Source: Arbeitsentwurf BMWi 10.02.2014 – Tagesschau [5]

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