BDEW: Majority of German Population Still Supports Energy Transition – New Figures for the Heat Market

The German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) has presented new figures regarding the acceptance of the phase-out of nuclear energy and the expansion of renewables energy and the heat market.

1.  Survey regarding the public opinion on the Energy transition

Twice a year the BDEW carries out a survey regarding the public opinion on the main issues of energy policy. According to the latest results, a majority of the German population still supports the energy transition, but is critical about its implementation. 89% of the German population still considers the energy transition as “important” or as “very important”. However, only 42 % believe the energy transition makes “good” or “very good” progress. In fact, 56 % think that the energy transition is not getting ahead very well.

The effects of the expansion of renewables on electricity prices are viewed unchanged: 70 % expect an increase of electricity prices. However, only 11 % expect major power outages.

“This general acceptance of the German population is an essential prerequisite for the success of the energy transition. But this acceptance must not be wasted. Especially the federal states have to realize their responsibility. Therefore it is necessary to understand the expansion of renewables energy as a common task and reset regional interests” stated Hildegard Müller, Chairman of the BDEW the Executive Board.

2. Figures of the heat market

BDEW presented also new figures on the heat market. According to these preliminary figures, in 2013 46.5 % of all new residential buildings were equipped with natural gas heaters. This is a decline of more than 2 % in comparison to 2012 (48,1 %). The share of heat pumps in 2013 increased to 22.5 percent (2012: 23.8 %), followed by district heating with 20.3 percent (2012: 18.6%). Further shares : Wood/wood pellets  6.9 %; electricity 0.7 %; fuel oil: 0.7 %; biogas: 0.5 %; other: 1.8 %.

Consumers also see natural gas positive. This is shown in a new BDEW study that analyzed the perception and evaluation of different heating technologies among homeowners. More than 45 % of the respondents would choose a heating technology with natural gas. “With its diverse applications and its low emissions, natural gas will play an essential role in the conversion of energy supply”  Müller said.

Source: German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW)

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