EU Parliament Adopts Resolution on Local and Regional Consequences of Smart Grids Calling for High Standard of Data Protection

The EU Parliament yesterday adopted a resolution on the local and regional consequences of the development of smart grids by a vast majority. The resolution welcomes the paradigm shift towards a variable, decentralised and local energy production, integrating a high share of small-scale renewable energy. It underlines the numerous benefits of smart grids for the transition process, while at the same time demanding that data security be integrated into smart grid deployment strategies.

Parliament inter alia

  • “Stresses that the implementation of smart energy systems will significantly change the private and public spheres, as electricity provision will be linked to data collection and communicated in real time; calls, therefore, for transparent procedures at all levels, involving all actors, including citizens, businesses, industry, local authorities, distribution system operators (DSOs), transmission system operators (TSOs), local and regional data protection officials or ombudsmen and the providers of smart grid technologies;”
  • “…. emphasises the need for high standards for smart meters in terms of data protection and data privacy, and for enabling citizens to decide upon and control the data which is given to the network operators beyond the absolute minimum of data that is necessary for the provision of energy; …”
  • “… calls on Member States to enforce data protection rules while maintaining and developing synergies throughout telecommunications and energy networks and to uphold the rights of individuals in this area; emphasises that in terms of data collection for intelligent energy systems, standards should be developed to ensure that only relevant data is transmitted in order to guarantee the security of electricity supply, to ensure that no data are passed on to third parties, to ensure that customers have the right to inspect and delete the data collected if they are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, and to ensure that citizens retain ownership of their data and have control with respect to the parties to whom they grant access to these data;”
  • “Asks the Commission to issue further guidance as to the use of personal and non-personal smart grid data in the light of the revised EU legislation on data protection and the agreed rules on the ownership and management of these data by DSOs, providers or other commercial bodies;”

For information by and activities of the European Commission in the field of smart grids, please also see here.

Source: European Parliament

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