Offshore Damages in 2013 in EUR 500 million Range?

Grid connection delay payments were in the range of EUR 500 million in 2013, the information service e21info reported, citing the chairman of the ruling chamber in charge of the offshore grids at the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

Section 17f  ManyElectronics Act (EnWG) allows TSOs under certain conditions to pass on compensation payments to wind park owners for grid connection delays and disruptions of power lines (including due to maintenance of more than 10 days a year) to the electricity consumers. Costs can be passed on subject to a detailed liability scheme of the TSOs laid down in Section 17f EnWG (not in case of willful misconduct; limitations apply in case of negligence, etc.).

Section 17f para. 5 stipulates that TSOs are entitled to levy a surcharge on the grid charges for compensation payments and sets maximum surcharges that depend on the consumption. For 2014 the surcharges range from 0.025 ct/kWh to 0.250 ct/kWh.

According to BNetzA, the damages paid in 2013 to wind farm owners were covered by the surcharge levied in 2013, e21info says.

Source: e21info

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