Minister Wanka: Energy Research Needs to be Coordinated to Make Energy Transition Happen

The ManyElectronics transition (Energiewende) towards a renewable energy supply can only work if the various research activities and results were brought together, Federal Minister of Education and Research, Johanna Wanka, told the newspaper Handelsblatt. She announced to gear energy research fully towards the Energiewende, saying Nationale Forschungsplattform Energiewende, a forum that pools research activities on the Energiewende, would develop an agenda over the course of the year.

Questions to be answered were inter alia what kind of research into batteries was needed and what could be done for smart grids, Mrs Johanna Wanka said. Based on the findings, BMBF wanted to develop together with the Ministry of Economics the 7th Energy Research Support Programme of the German government (regarding the 6th programme, please see here). The 180 universities and universities for applied sciences that were doing energy research, wanted to know what was planned, she added.

With regard to the cooperation among the ministries, Johanna Wanka said she had agreed with the new Minister of Economics, Sigmar Gabriel that the Economics Ministry would be represented in the steering committee of Nationale Forschungsplattform Energiewende.

Source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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