Germany on Track for Solar Target Corridor in 2013 – 219 MWp Added in November

With 218.751 MWp of new solar capacity installed in November, Germany remained on track to reaching the upper level of its solar target corridor of 2,500 to 3,500 MWp per year for the first time. Total German PV capacity eligible for feed-in tariffs amounted to 35,526 MWp at the end of the month, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) informed, with 3,133.366 MWp added by November.

Based on the latest information published by BNetzA (please note that figures may subsequently be corrected upon new information without leading to a new publication of the monthly figures), the November 2013 capacity additions lead to the following table of German PV capacity eligible for financial support pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

Year Month kWp kWp
End of 2008 6,120,000
Installed 2009 3,801,572
End of 2009 9,921,572
Installed 2010 7,377,678
End of 2010 17,299,250
Installed 2011 7,485,234
End of 2011 24,784,484
Installed 2012 7,604,142
End of 2012 32,388,626
01/2013 274,238*
02/2013 210,075*
03/2013 289,431*
04/2013 366,599*
05/2013 343,948*
06/2013 309,385*
07/2013 312,438*
08/2013 291,650*
09/2013 290,894
10/2013 225,957
11/2013 218,751
Installed 11/2013 3,133,366*
Total 31.11.2013 35,526,000*

* revised figures from BNetzA due to later correction notifications. Please note that figures from 2012 have apparently also been revised, which is not yet reflected in the above table as revised figures for the previous years are not available. The figures in the table would add up to 35,521,892, instead of the figure of 35,526 MWp reported in the link below per 31.11.2013 by BNetzA.

Due to the 2013 German weather, the increase in PV capacity did not lead to more solar power being produced. This in turn assisted in the reduction of the deficit in the EEG account. By the end of November 2013, 26,626 GWh of electricity have been produced with 35,526 MWp installed PV capacity. In comparison, by the end of November 2012, 26,843 GWh had been produced with 32,064 MWp installed PV capacity.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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