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Renewable Surcharge Account Deficit Reduced in 2013 – Expenses EUR 19.4 bn for 57.8 TWh

2013 ended with a deficit of EUR -225,324,417.42 on the EEG account that balances the expenses for renewable transfer payments to renewable power plant operators against the revenue obtained from the sale of the renewable energy at the exchanges and the so-called EEG surcharge, the four German transmission system operators (TSOs) informed. The deficit has been carried forward to 2014. At the end of 2012 the deficit had amounted to EUR -2,691,166,648.46.

In November and December 2013 the account recorded surpluses of EUR 589,252,335.60 respectively EUR 667,065,054.43. This can be partly explained by the fact that November and December 2013 saw reduced renewable generation input of 3,042 respectively 3,378 GWh (3,775/3,672 GWh in 2012). Solar power input was 693 respectively 712 GWh (789 and 389 GWh in 2012). Wind power input in December on the other hand amounted to 935 GWh, the second highest figure of the year, following 1,038 GWh input in January 2013. Generally, 2013 was characterized by a lower wind power input (7,575 GWh in 2013 vs. 15,076 GWh in 2012). Total renewable energy generation covered by the EEG account in 2013 was 57,800 GWh, after 68,897 GWh in 2012.

The average revenue obtained for the sale of renewable energy at the power exchanges ranged from EUR 27.63/MWh in June 2013 to EUR 43.94/MWh in February 2013. In November and December renewable energy sold for EUR 38.01/MWh and EUR 32.99/MWh on average.

Despite a considerably reduced deficit, the EEG account ended 2013 unbalanced, even though the EEG-surcharge for 2013 had been increased by 47% to 5.277 ct/kWh. The increase was intended to also cover the creation of a liquidity reserve. The EEG surcharge has meanwhile further risen and amounts to 6.24 ct/kWh for 2014.

In 2013 German consumers paid total EUR surcharges of EUR 19,326,305,493.02. Expenses in the EEG account amounted to EUR 19,377,877,036.05, with 57,800 GWh renewable energy fetching EUR 2,061,389,952.74 at the energy exchange.

The steady rise of the EEG-surcharge, which is affecting consumers, has resulted in a proposal by the previous government to contain electricity costs, which did not find enough support [1] to be implemented. The grand coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD that came into power shortly before the end of 2013 has announced to present plans for an overhaul of the EEG by Easter 2014.

Source: EEG-KWK.net annual balance sheet 2013 [2]; EEG-KWK.net information on green electricity marketed pursuant to Section 7(1) No. 2 Equalisation Scheme Ordinance [3] (AusglMechV)

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