Renewables Surcharge Account Deficit Shrinks in September and October

According to the latest figures published by the four German transmission system operators (TSOs) for the so-called EEG account that records German renewable energy transfer payments, the months of September and October ended with surpluses of EUR 91,310,797.63 respectively EUR 715,283,198.03. This reduced the overall deficit on the account to EUR – 1,481,641,807.45.

At the same time last year the deficit amounted to EUR -2,956,869,437.03 and the year ended with a deficit of EUR -2,691,166,648.46, which were carried forward to 2013.

The surpluses for the months of September and October are due to fewer biomass, solar and wind power input compared to the same period last year, while input from other sources increased, but only slightly. In September 2013 480 GWh wind power were fed into the German grids (2012: 666 GWh), 2,419 GWh solar power (2012: 2,751 GWh), 1,481 GWh biomass power (2012: 1,909 GWh) and 282 GWh from other renewable energy source (2012: 244 GWh). In October 2013 the grids received an input of 771 GWh wind power (2012: 776 GWh), 1,624 GWh solar power (2012: 1,859 GWh), 1,469 GWh biomass power (2012: 1,950 GWh) and 339 GWh from other renewable power sources (2012: 242 GWh).

With November and December (and January) being months with only little sunshine, further monthly surpluses on the EEG account are to be expected, which will further reduce the deficit, despite the fact that wind power input will likely increase. Last year the EEG account also recorded surpluses in November and December. Yet it is unlikely that the account will be balanced at the end of the year so that a deficit will be carried forward to 2014.

The EEG account balances the expenses for renewable transfer payments against the revenue obtained from the sale of the renewable energy at the exchange and the so-called EEG surcharge that consumers pay with their electricity bill. The EEG surcharge for 2013 amounts to 5.227 ct/kWh. It will rise to 6.24 ct/kWh in 2014 as revenue from the sale of renewable energy is far lower than the transfer payments paid pursuant to the EEG to the various renewable energy sources, i.e. fixed feed-in tariffs or a market premium paid in addition to the revenue obtained by the operators of renewable power plants that sell the energy directly.

The average market price for renewable energy sold by the TSOs at the electricity exchange pursuant to German law was EUR 32.99/MWh in September (down from EUR 37,75/MWh in August) and EUR 38,27/MWh in October.

Source: (EEG account; information about renewable energy sold at the EPEX Spot)

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