Berlin Electricity Remunicipalisation Referendum: Majority in Favour, but 25% Quorum Missed

In today’s referendum, a clear majority of Berliners voted in favor of remunicipalising the Berlin electricity network and setting up a new state energy utility. However, the necessary quorum of consent of 25% by all those entitled to vote was not met. The “Volksentscheid Neue Energie” (Referendum New Energy) therefore was not accepted by the required majorities.

The aim of the referendum was to to take over Berlin’s electricity grid and to set up a new power utility that will use more renewable energy. 24.1 % of voters entitled to vote in Berlin were in favor of the referendum. 4.9% voted against.

According to the preliminary official results, the figures are as follows:

Potential voters 2,483,755
Votes (total) 722,365
Percentage participating 29.1%
Votes 599,565
Percentage of votes 83.0%
Percentage of potential voters 24.1%
Votes 121,111
Percentage of votes 16.8%
Percentage of potential voters 4.9%
Votes 1,689
Percentage of votes 0.2

Contrary to a vote on a similar initiative in Hamburg shortly before, the Berlin referendum therefore remained unsuccessful. However, the clear 83% majority of Berliners voting in favour of a change is likely to affect local Berlin energy politics going forward.


Sources: Die Landeswahlleiterin für Berlin, Berliner Energietisch

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