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Offshore Research: Nature and Environment Friendly Offshore Expansion Possible

A nature and environment friendly expansion of offshore wind energy is possible, the Federal Ministries for the Environment and Transport said when presenting the results of the ecological research carried out over the last five years at the alpha ventus offshore wind farm in the North Sea, Germany’s first offshore wind farm.

According to the joint press release issued by the ministries, the results are complex. Nature at the seabed in the area of wind farms benefitted because fishing with bottom trawls stopped, leading to an increase in the number of fish species. Regarding the impact on migratory birds additional research was required, the ministries said. Based on the new scientific data, the Federal Agency for Maritime Shipping and Hydrography (BSH), the plan determination and implementation authority for offshore projects, would deduce refined requirements for a nature and environment friendly expansion of offshore wind power, the ministries announced.

The first maritime regional plan worldwide, the Offshore Grid Development Plan 2013 for electricity grids and the “Sicherheitsrahmenkonzept” (security framework concept) that will be presented to wind farm developers and the public at the beginning of 2014 will supplement the ecological requirements for wind farms, providing transparency and reliable conditions for investors, the ministries pointed out.

Source: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety [1]

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