BDEW: Number of Charging Points and Electric Cars on the Rise

The number of charging points for electric cars has increased by 15% from roughly 3,900 in December 2012 to approximately 4,400 , at 2,033 charging stations) by mid 2013, the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW) informed, following a survey among members.

10,401 electric cars are currently registered compared to 7,497 in late 2012 and roughly 4,500 at the beginning of 2012. As the ratio of cars per charging point should be 1 to 15, according to BDEW, this still leaves room for more electric cars. The total number of registered electric cars is certainly still far away from the national goal of having one million electric cars on German roads by 2020. Although the growth rate in 2013 will surely exceed growth in 2012 given the fact that the year has not yet ended, it will not be excessively higher than last year given the above numbers (Regarding a study by Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) concerning the achievability of the electromobility target, please see here).

According to BDEW information 652 cities and municipalities have at least one charging station compared with 580 in December 2012, with North Rhine-Westphalia having 1,051 charging points, followed by Baden-Württemberg (916) and Bayern (627). As regards the number of charging points per 1,000 km², Berlin leads the table with 312 charging points. 35% of the interviewed member companies have more than two charging stations and the main operator 696, BDEW said, pointing out that 1,301 stations of the total number of 2,033 charging stations offer a maximum charging capacity of 11 to 22 kW.

Source: BDEW

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