TSOs Publish Offshore Surcharge for 2014 at Maximum Levels

Together with the renewables surcharge (EEG surcharge) for 2014, the transmission system operators (TSOs) published the offshore surcharge for 2014 yesterday. They fixed the staggered surcharge at the highest legally possible level, announcing that it might not suffice.

Section 17f  ManyElectronics Act (EnWG) allows TSOs under certain conditions to pass on compensation payments to wind park owners for grid connection delays and disruptions of power lines to the electricity consumers.

Section 17f para. 5 stipulates that TSOs are entitled to levy a surcharge on the grid charges for compensation payments. The payments are subject to a detailed liability scheme laid down in Section 17f EnWG (not in case of willful misconduct; limitations apply in case of negligence, etc.). Section 17f para. 5 also lays down maximum surcharges that depend on the consumption.

In accordance with said provision the TSOs have published the following surcharges for 2014:

  • 0.250 ct/kWh for “group A” end consumers with a consumption of up to 1,000,000 kWh at an individual point of delivery;
  • 0.050 ct/kWh for “group B” end consumers: end consumers, whose consumption at a point of delivery exceeds 1,000,000 kWh have to pay the afore-mentioned amount for electricity exceeding 1,000,000 kWh;
  • 0.025 ct/kWh for “group C” end consumers: end consumers, whose consumption at a point of delivery exceeds 1,000,000 kWh and whose electricity costs in the previous year exceeded 4% of the turnover, have to pay the afore-mentioned amount for electricity exceeding 1,000,000 kWh.

Due to the fact that according to Section 17f para.5 the maximum surcharges are limited, the costs estimated for 2014 will not be fully recovered, the TSOs predicted, adding that the deficit would be carried over to the next years (which is possible according to Section 17f para. 6).

The Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW) pointed out that on top of the EEG surcharge and the offshore surcharge, a new surcharge for interruptible loads, the surcharge due to the partial exemption of large electricity customers from the grid charges (Section 19 para. 2 StromNEV) and the combined heat and power surcharge  would be added to the electricity prices. Besides grid charges applied. We will inform about these charges in due course.

Source: EEG-KWK.net; BDEW

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